Energie Karlovy Vary beats Riga and become Champions

Aug 7, 2022 | Redakce

Game #25  •  Su 7.8.2022  •  13:00  •  Minute-by-minute commentary  •  Video stream
HC Energie Karlovy Vary
( 1:1, 2:1, 0:0)
Hokeja skola Riga
HC Energie Karlovy Vary: Oršulák (Psohlavec) – Malý, O. Postl, D. Postl, Hynek, Pelikán, Dyk, Holejšovský – Bálek, Pastor, D. Šilhan, Zahejský, Zeman, Váňa, Šuma, Mikeš, Čihař, Poizl, Š. Šilhan, Wardas.
Hokeja skola Riga: Gusevs (Vitols) – Alups, Briedis, Iljušins, Ladusans, Petersons, Retenais, Tovarišs, Zarinš – Biezais, Bučinš, Dilevka, Dubrovskis, Gavrilovs, Kapura, Lobačevs, Macijevskis, Polis, Smirnovs, Zaprivoda.
Goals and assists: 14. Čihař (Holejšovský), 25. Čihař (Postl, Mikeš), 29. Zeman (Pastor) – 10. Dilevka (Auzinš, Ladusans), 23. Kapura (Zaprivoda)

Penalties: 0:0. PP goals: 0:0. SH goals: 0:0.


A proper culmination of the eighth edition of the President Cup. The two best teams of the tournament, HS Riga and Energie Karlovy Vary, met in the final.

The Latvian team entered the final match very actively. Right after 45 seconds, Oršulák had to deal with a dangerous Zaprivoda shot. Karlovy Vary mostly defended the first 10 minutes, and fouls by the Karlovy Vary players also resulted from Riga's activity. Váňa and Zeman went to the penalty bench in quick succession. And for the actively playing Riga, it was only a matter of time before they used their double numerical superiority. In the end, it was Dilevka who ended the wonderful one-touch action. Riga did not take advantage of the continued 5v4 power play. In the 14th minute, Holejšovský reached for a long-range shot on the blue line, the Latvian goalkeeper only went in front of him and the active Čihař got the puck behind him - 1:1. The game was evenly matched visually and it was clear that neither team wanted a big shootout. Therefore, people went to the dressing rooms in a balanced state.

Karlovarský Zeman threatened right from the first attack, Gusevs was able to knock out his attempt. On the contrary, it was Riga who once again celebrated the lead thanks to Kapur's clever run. It didn't last long for the Latvians, because the quick Čihař was once again in front of the goal and equalized. A moment later, the same player committed an unnecessary foul, for which he went to the penalty bench. Riza did not manage to establish a long-term presence in the territory before Oršulák. The turning point of the match came in the 29th minute. Pastor, in his own weakness, went after the puck, got as far as Gusevs' goal, from where he passed into the space between the circles where Zeman went down. Pressed by two Latvian defenders, he was able to direct the puck between Gusevs' legs - 3:2. In their own weakness, Karlovy Vary was able to turn the tide of the game, but above all to psychologically erode their opponents. Riga did try, but their physical strength was diminishing with every remaining second after the demanding tournament. Not even such shooters as Macijevski or Dilevka were successful against the great performance of Oršulák. Karlovy Vary expertly guarded the one-goal lead until the end. And they deservedly celebrate the first place in this year's edition of the President Cup.